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It is a matter of course that the LIEBLER INSTITUT GmbH takes the issue of data protection very seriously. In this respect, all reasonable and commensurate measures are taken to prevent the loss of and access by unauthorized third parties to any kind of data. These measures are continuously aligned to meet the respective approved state-of-the-art practice.

Data collection

In order to improve the webpage, certain access data is stored without reference to persons. As soon as the user requests a file from a webpage, the following access data, among other, is stored by default:

This data record comprises:

  • the page from which the file was requested
  • the name of the file
  • the date and time of the request
  • the data volume transferred
  • the access status (i.e. whether the file was transferred or perhaps not located)
  • a description of the type and version of the web browser
  • the installed operating system and set resolution

This data is evaluated for in-house statistics and for the technical administration of the webpage; no data or extracts from the data are passed on to third parties. The anonymous data is stored separately from any person-relevant data sets and is in no way linked up to person-relevant data so that no conclusions can be made as to the identity of a certain person.

Person-relevant data

Personal data is collected by the LIEBLER INSTITUT GmbH only if it is voluntarily provided by the person concerned. Data which becomes known to the LIEBLER INSTITUT GmbH during the recruiting process is only collected, processed and used in so far as it is required for the recruitment activities.

Use of data

The LIEBLER INSTITUT GmbH will store by means of electronic data processing person-related data of an applicant who is seeking employment – such as name, address, telephone number, email address and relevant data from the application form and will process and use such data solely for the purposes of the recruitment activities.

Other than for this purpose, person-related data will not be circulated to third parties. However, in individual cases there might be an obligation to provide information on such data to the respective authorities in so far as these authorities request such data in order to meet legal activities (e.g. criminal proceedings). The LIEBLER INSTITUT GmbH does not use the collected data for the purpose of advertising, market research or opinion research without the expressed permission of the employment-seeking candidate.

Person-relevant data (name, address, telephone number, email address, and relevant data in the application documents) shall be rightfully stored according to the provisions of the German Data Protection Act, the German Social Security Code Book III and the German Telemedia Act. It can be taken for granted that all data is treated in the strictest confidence.

Information and deletion

The employment-seeking candidate may request at any time and free of charge information about any data stored on him/her. In principal he or she is entitled to require that data stored on him/her be amended, blocked or deleted. In so far as a deletion of the data is contrary to legal or contractual compulsory safekeeping, the data shall be blocked.

Documents provided by the employment-seeking candidate shall be returned to him/her immediately on completion of the recruitment activities. Other business documents of the LIEBLER INSTITUT GmbH shall be kept for a further three years following completion of the recruitment activities.

It is permitted to use the business documents for control purposes by the respective authorities and also for safeguarding the justified interests of the LIEBLER INSTITUT GmbH. On expiry of the compulsory safekeeping period, person-related data shall be deleted in all cases. On completion of the recruitment activities, the employment-seeking candidate may permit deviations from this, whereby such approval shall be in the written form.

At the request of the employment-seeking candidate, the LIEBLER INSTITUT GmbH will at any time provide him/her with complete information, free of charge, on the stored data inventory; if required it will amend, block or delete such data or will willingly answer any other questions regarding the collection, storage or use of the data.


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